anxiety · depression · insecurity


my eyes are as red as the roses that you bought me weeks ago

weeks ago, before i opened myself up to you


i don’t mean my body

i mean my brain




it scared you

you have no power over it

what you don’t understand

is that i don’t either

it’s not that i was overreacting

i was telling you how i felt

and you said you were




told me i needed to help myself

that you couldn’t do anything

what you didn’t know

was that i didn’t expect you to do anything

all i was doing was showing my true self to you

but it wasn’t beautiful, you see

it wasn’t what you were looking for

you expected roses

i gave you thorns

you wanted sunshine

i gave you rain

i wasn’t being selfish

i was just being honest

and when i wasn’t what you wanted

you left



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